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Air Master – Bodykits & Spoiler | Tel : 012-3727162 & 012-3333853


Our Bodykits

Perodua Bodykit
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BMW Bodykit
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Volkswagen Bodykit
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Naza / KIA Bodykit
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Ford Fiesta
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Mazda 2
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Hyundai Bodykit
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Chevrolet Bodykit
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Toyota Bodykit
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Mitsubishi Bodykit
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Air Master Manufacturing Plant

Air Master

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Air Master Profile

Air Master is a leader in automobile accessories manufacturer in Southeast Asia with  customers from all around the world. Our company are committed to produce high quality, great design and high performance  automobile accessories product. Thus, this has make us standout from our competitors and hence sets a benchmark for the industry.

We sincerely hope you can spend some of your most precious time navigating our website and look   forward to meet up with you for further discussion on how we can compliment our products and services to you.

We hope our present on the internet may provides you the information about our business, products and how we can work together to accomplish your goal by utilizing our products, services and expertise.


Air Master is a privately-owned company specialized in automobile accessories Design, Manufacturing and Marketing. Our company have more than 30 years of solid experience in this industry and we always strive for the higher quality, design and performance for every piece of product made by us.

Founded in 1990, Air Master commenced operations producing fiber glass and light plastic fabrication products for the local car accessories industry. Today, Air Master has transformed into a international manufacturer for customers from USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

It is always our priority to strive for higher quality product, high customer’s satisfaction and remain competitive in price.  Our organization employs more than 120 people in the production division and  we have a production capacity of 45,000 unit products per annum.

Air Master is now an active player and leading designer, manufacturer and international marketer of the automotive accessories. We can ensure that any orders entrusted to us will be executed to your fullest satisfaction.

Air Master is located in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. We believe geographically we are in the most attractive location with advance logistic and communication infrastructure.